TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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The TomTom Wireless GPS Receiver uses Bluetooth technology to eliminate the need for connecting cables, and a high performance GPS antenna to ensure the best possible reception wherever you go. The high performance GPS receiver is ideal for use in urban environments. On the road or walking around the city streets, it will make sure you find your way with ease. It can be configured to work with a variety of Pocket PC, Palm devices and Smart mobile phones. It can be used in the car, or in your bag or pocket for use on bike or on foot.

The in-box accessories feature a wall charger with UK, EU and US snap-on plugs, a car charger with selected smartphone connectors and a manual.

Technical Details:
- Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
- Number of Channels: 20
- Acquisition Time:
- Hot Start 10 Second Maximum
- Warm Start 30 Second Maximum
- Cold Start 1 Minute Maximum

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