It’s Show-Time!

Truly instant viewing
The TV Snap-on is super easy to use. Just clip it into the ARCHOS 5, position the antennas and select your channel. That’s it, you can start watching. We couldn’t make it simpler.
As long as you are in an area that receives a Freeview TV signal, the image you get is simply stunning. The exceptional image is made possible by the combination of the high-resolution screen and the diversity reception system. Using a dual antenna system, two low-consumption tuners and two RF signal processors, it eliminates TV signal noise and gives an amazingly sharp image. This technology lets you receive Freeview TV* inside a building, or at your favorite coffee shop or pub, With the TV Snap-on, you’ll never miss the action, even from last nights big game.

Record now or when you’re away
When it comes to TV, there are times when it’s simply not possible to watch. You may have to record a program and watch it later. With the TV Snap-on, you decide. Just press the instant record button, or schedule a recording in advance. But what is really cool is this: recorded programs are stored with their real name and with animated thumbnails. Not with some strange name, or computer-generated or filenumber. Access to your favourite program or show is truly quick and easy. It couldn’t be simpler.

* In Standard Definition

Digital TV: Watch free digital terrestrial TV on your ARCHOS 5 (not compatible with the ARCHOS 7)
Enjoy super sharp image quality thanks to the stunning 5” screen

High quality reception with diversity: Two antennas to improve signal reception
Two tuners for “diversity reception” to reconstitute a perfect TV signal

TV Recording: Record what you’re watching with the instant recording button
Schedule your recordings with the integrated scheduler

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